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'Soul Stories, Write Your World!'

‘TRANSFORMING your LIFE and BUSINESS STORY into the one of your DREAMS!’

A Better YOU –  A Better  LIFE – A Better WORLD!’

with Bernardine DEVINE

“I support newly rebranded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. 

We discover their dreams in life and business and take steps aligned with their values.

To create a life of meaning and abundance they love and positively influence the world.”


I look forward to connecting with you.
Love, Bernie x

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Introduction to Intuition.

An Introduction to Intuition through assessing the 8 areas of your life.                            ...

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Personal and Business Story Reading

Gain insight into your own Personal  and Business Story through a Personal/Business Story Reading. See what your story reveals about your purpose. Discover how your...

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Intuitive Business Coaching

I offer intuitive coaching in Business. But you can also have coaching in other areas of your life. Relationships, Money, Life. My coaching session tend to...

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Awaken Your Inner Oracle Through Intuition - Levels 1-3

All 3 Levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Intuition Courses in 1 course. 

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Write Your Soul Story!

Do you always have the same endings to your life stories when it comes to love, money and business? Do you play a secondary role...

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"Write Your Soul Story!" COMING SOON

Transform Your Life and Business Story.