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'Soul Stories, Write Your World!'

‘TRANSFORMING your LIFE and BUSINESS STORY into the one of your DREAMS!’

A Better YOU –  A Better  LIFE – A Better WORLD!’

with Bernardine DEVINE

“I support newly rebranded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. 

We discover their dreams in life and business and take steps aligned with their values.

To create a life of meaning and abundance they love and positively influence the world.”


I look forward to connecting with you.
Love, Bernie x

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Bernardine Devine - Monthly and Yearly Memberships (BETA)

Soul Stories, Write Your World 'Awaken Your Inner Oracle Through Intuition' Monthly and Yearly Memberships. AYIO Beginner Intuition Course - AYIO Intermediate Intuition Course - AYIO Advanced  Intuition Course. There are 3 membership levels. Whichever level you purchase is available over 12 months via monthly access. Plus bonus content. The...

7 Intuitive Steps to Create a Daily Focus

This is a free pdf that allows you to see where you are, where you want to be and gives you tools to apply a...

Learn These 3 Intuitive Practices.

Learn These 3 Intuitive Practices BEING IN INNOCENCE OBSERVING THE OBVIOUS MAKING IT UP  AndKick Start Your Intuition. If you'd like to Learn to Apply them to the...

Introduction to Intuition.

An Introduction to Intuition through assessing the 8 areas of your life.                            ...

View course $15 AUD

Personal and Business Intuitive Reading

Gain insight into your own Story through an Intuitive Reading. See what your story reveals about your purpose. Discover how your challenges can guide you...

View product $250 AUD

Intuitive Business Coaching

I offer intuitive coaching in Business. But you can also have coaching in other areas of your life. Relationships, Money, Life. My coaching session tend to...

View product $350 AUD

Write Your Soul Story!

Do you always have the same endings to your life stories when it comes to love, money and business? Do you play a secondary role...

View course Coming soon

Awaken Your Inner Oracle Through Intuition Levels 1-3 (BETA) Create an Exciting Life and Business in 2018

All 3 Levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Intuition, Intelligence and Creating courses. Learn Intuition and creating to access your innate intelligence. Use it in your...

View course $2,997 AUD

"Write Your Soul Story!" COMING SOON

Transform Your Life and Business Story.