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'Soul Stories, Write Your World!'

Do you sometimes feel like you're playing the part of the best friend instead of the lead role? Or worse still a bit part in your own life?

Do you get passed over for jobs, relationships, money?

You are the hero in your own soul story - It's time to live it now.

Play the leading role in your own soul story.

Learn How to Write your Soul Story

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My name is Bernardine Devine and I am the founder of
"Soul Stories, Write Your World!

‘A Better YOU –  A Better  LIFE – A Better WORLD!’




I love story and how it takes me to other places within and without. From a very young age I have loved story in all its forms. Through books, movies, theatre, great TV, dance or music, story excites me. Story has helped me escape. It has uplifted me and supported me to understand people and the world around me. Most of all it gives me insight into the human condition. Searching to understand my own story sent me on a path of discovery which led to where I am today.

Stories are nurturing. They make the world more magical and connect you to a higher part of yourself. They help you to empathise with others. They hold mythology and archetypes within them which resonate across al cultures. You can rewrite the story you've taken on into the story you'd love. Would you love to  rewrite yours?

I have an MA in Creative Writing, over 30 years experience in the consciousness field, 20 years training in intuition and 10 years in the study of alchemy and creating.

I also trained in natural therapies including herbal medicine and nutrition, holistic coaching and counseling, kinesiology, Journeywork, dance training, writing, intuition, creating, alchemy and consciousness.

I enjoy living a life of freedom and the adventure of travel and teaching as an intuitive entrepreneur, coach, healer and writer.

I teach women to connect with their old story, to nurture a new SOUL STORY and to express their magic in the world.

I look forward to connecting with you.
Love, Bernie x

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Write Your Soul Story!

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