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Write Your Soul Story!

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Do you always have the same endings to your life stories when it comes to love, money and business? Do you play a secondary role in your own life? Do you play the role of the best friend but never the lead? Would you love to create new endings and play the hero in your own life story? Transform your life story into a new beginning? Then this could be the course for you!

'Write Your Soul Story' allows you to access your true soul story and to create new endings and a new beginning. Your life story is the story you’re currently living by default. Your soul story is the life you came here to live. Your conditioning obscures your soul story from you. The beliefs you’ve taken on, the messages about how it is here, what you believe you have to do. All these things cloud you from living your true soul story. 

Your soul story gives you a compass for your life which creates ease and flow. It’s the story which gives you the most purpose. Which makes you feel most alive. Which brings you the most abundance and love. In living your soul story you still have to face challenges. Knowing how to approach these challenges and what to create brings ease and flow. When you are on the path of your true soul story you create everything with ease and grace, supported and guided. 

The process of writing allows you to access the depth of your own story and find ways to create a new ending. By completing this course, you will uncover themes which are universal to everyone. You will also uncover how your soul story is unique to you. It reveals how you came here with a purpose which you forgot along the way. Your soul story shows you how to come back to that purpose and live your heroes journey. The course reminds you of the things you love, what is important to you and shows you how to give those priority. You will be able to create new endings to your own life’s stories by living the story that is true for you. 

On completion of the course you will have tools to write your own soul story into a book if you wish. If you complete all the exercises you will already have a great outline. You will also have some great tools for your own personal development. And be on the way to writing new endings to your life story.

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'Soul Stories, Write Your World!'

‘TRANSFORMING your LIFE and BUSINESS STORY into the one of your DREAMS!’

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We discover their dreams in life and business and take steps aligned with their values.

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